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Meet Second Harvest Nutrition Expert: Lexie Trice

We asked Lexie a few questions about her work at Second Harvest:

What drove you to a career in nutrition?

I gained a passion for food and nutrition and decided to pursue a degree in dietetics in college. I quickly developed a strong interest in food insecurity and food equity. I knew that community nutrition was the area I wanted my career to be in. I love being able to serve the community that I grew up in through nutrition!

Why is it important to have an RD on staff at a food bank?

Food banks fulfill a vital role in addressing hunger in communities. Hunger and health are closely related as we know that food insecurity can lead to chronic diseases. Registered dietitians can address the nutritional implications that hunger and food insecurity cause. Registered dietitians can provide their expertise in food and nutrition to develop and implement nutrition education, healthy recipes, and track the nutritional quality of the foods at the food bank.

What surprises people when learning about nutrition?

I have found that the most surprising thing for people when learning about nutrition is that you don’t have to adopt a restrictive diet in order to be healthy; a healthy diet can encompass a variety of foods! I love creating healthy recipes at the food bank that use convenience foods such as canned fruits and vegetables. These food items can be a part of a healthy diet and offer great nutritional benefits. 

Eating healthy on a budget is possible, which is another thing that surprises people when learning about nutrition. I love discussing how foods such as frozen fruits and vegetables, beans, lentils, rice, and whole grains are affordable, healthy food choices!

A healthy life starts with healthy food. That’s why Second Harvest Food Bank provides families in need with wholesome meals and nutrition education to help them stay healthy. It’s just part of how we help solve hunger. We are so grateful for the work Caroline does as she helps the hungry people we serve lead the healthy, active lifestyles they deserve.

This March, we’re partnering with LifePoint Health to observe Nutrition Month and bring awareness to the relationship between health and hunger. Join us in making communities healthier.

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