These powerful videos created by Feeding America feature kids across the United States who rely on food banks. In their own words, these kids explain what it feels like to live with hunger and uncertainty. They also talk about how food and education fuel their dreams for the future. 

Real Stories of Hunger


Iker wants to be a chef and open a restaurant one day. But before that, he just wants to be a kid. He said, “I’m a kid, but I feel more like an adult because I have a lot of responsibilities.”


Emily says her dad is a hard worker, but sometimes it isn’t enough. She usually goes to the library afterschool, where she can study and get snacks through a food bank program. “I swear on my life, my kids will have a better childhood than I do,” Emily says.


Eight-year-old Zoey is like most kids her age: She likes to play outside and hang out with her siblings. But her family struggles with food insecurity. “We eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes because there isn’t much food in our house,” she said.

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