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Jackson County Family Appreciates Your Generosity

Charles worked as a long-haul trucker, driving across the country for more than 40 years. While he was on the road, his wife, Virginia, cared for their son, Donny Ray, who has special needs.

Now retired and nearing 80, the couple is struggling to provide for themselves and Donny Ray. Their savings doesn’t always cover the cost of monthly bills plus medical expenses.

“It gets hard,” Virginia says. “You get [an electric] bill of a few hundred dollars and then the water bill is $100. Then you have to pay for your medicine … it’s very, very tough.” 

She, Charles, and their son have health problems that require costly care. It’s vital that their meals contain the nutrients they need to thrive. That’s why they’re so grateful they found out about the Second Harvest Mobile Pantry that visits the Jackson County Fairgrounds near their rural home. 

Donny Ray always gets excited to see the Mobile Pantry truck pull up — his mom tells us he says it makes him really happy, and his dad shares his enthusiasm.

“You just look at that truck — the Second Harvest truck — and think about how many people will be able to eat thanks to the food coming off there,” Charles says. “It’s something. It’s amazing. We really appreciate it.”

Your support brings relief to the people across Middle and West Tennessee who need it most. On behalf of neighbors like Charles, Virginia, and Donny Ray, thank you for sharing what you have with others.

Join Second Harvest in ensuring that all of our Middle and West Tennessee neighbors – including Charles, Virginia, and Donny Ray – have access to the food they need.

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