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Generous Helpings Sneak Peek with Butcher & Bee’s Bryan Weaver

Generous Helpings is quickly approaching on May 9, but before we head to City Winery for a night of tastings from Nashville’s best restaurants, we talked with Bryan Weaver, executive chef at East Nashville’s Butcher & Bee and the winner of last year’s Generous Helpings People’s Choice Award.

He gave us a clue of what he’ll be serving up this year, why fighting hunger matters to him, and the secret to his foodie-favorite Whipped Feta.

As the reigning champion of the Generous Helpings People’s Choice Award, you are the one to beat this year! Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect from the Butcher & Bee table on May 9?

We try and always have some sort of vegan/gluten free options at events. They usually end up being giant meat fests, and people are happy to have some kind of alternative.

What keeps you coming back to Generous Helpings?

 It’s a fun event! Everyone is usually excited to see what we are doing, and I love supporting Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

Why is it important to you to take part in the fight against hunger?

We are in such a privileged place in this world. I feel like as chefs we have a responsibility to try and help out people that don’t have the same means as we do.

You’re still relatively new to area. Is there anything in particular about Middle Tennessee or Nashville that makes you want to give back to the community?

Everyone has been so welcoming since I moved here. It’s the first place I’ve ever lived that truly felt like home. The community always inspires me to do more here.

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, we’d be foolish not to ask… Any chance you’ll give us the recipe for your Whipped Feta??

The feta is the easy part…it’s the honey that is the real secret 😉

Thank you for making Generous Helpings a SOLD OUT event!

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