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From PB&J to Trumpets

How Your Support Helped Create a Harmonious Friendship

Jonathan and William, both 10, have a lot in common. That might be why they became such fast friends after meeting at the Easley Community Center Kids Cafe.

They’re both in fifth grade, love math class, and play in the school band.

One thing they don’t share — thankfully — is a love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s Johnathan’s favorite. So, the two have a little arrangement on the days they get PB&J at Easley Community Center.

“Sometimes, we trade snacks. If [William] has peanut butter and jelly and wants my juice, we’ll trade,” Johnathan said.

When they’re not bartering snacks, you can find these two friends playing games or practicing their instruments together. William says he wants to keep playing trumpet until college.

“I know it’s important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so you can grow big and strong,” William said,

Kids Cafe like the one Jonathan and William visit are made possible by support from generous friends like you. Thank you for helping provide fresh food and nutrition lessons to children who need them most.

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