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Louise Is Giving Thanks for You!

edna-rippyLouise, 82, just radiates positive energy. Although she’s endured some health issues and heartache over the years, you won’t likely hear her complain — she’d rather tell you about the moments that bring her joy, like baking her signature lemon pie.

“When I get down and out, I make a pie,” Louise says with a smile.

She spent most of her life working on her family farm with her husband and baking pies and cakes at a local restaurant. Louise retired some years ago after having back and open-heart surgeries, which hindered her ability to work. She’s still spry and active, though, with the help of a cane.

But financially, Louise sometimes struggles to afford all the healthy food she needs. Her husband passed away several years ago, and she can’t always make her small, fixed income stretch to cover all her expenses.

Friends like you bring relief to neighbors like Louise. During particularly tight months, she’s able to visit a local Second Harvest Partner Agency — United Ministries — near her home in Springfield. Although she can usually get by on her own, being able to visit the food pantry at United Ministries gives her peace of mind.

Louise knows how important nutrient-rich, fresh produce is to her health, and she’s so glad she can pick up nutritious groceries from the pantry. She has a passion for cooking healthy, delicious meals — in addition to tasty baked goods — and she’s grateful to be able to stock her kitchen with your help.

“You’re nice people!” Louise says to Second Harvest donors like you. “It’s great that you’re doing this. A lot of people depend on [the pantry].”

Thank you for ensuring older folks in our community are able to enjoy their golden years. You bring hope to neighbors across Middle Tennessee!

Chaque dollar que vous donnez aide à fournir au moins 4 repas à des familles dans le besoin grâce à Second Harvest.

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