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KLD Farms gets Support from the LFPA Grant

Last year, Second Harvest was awarded with the Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA) Grant from the US Department of Agriculture, which has been pivotal in our work fighting hunger. This grant allows Second Harvest to provide fresh food to our Partner Agencies from local farms, like KLD Farms. The purpose of the LFPA Grant is to not only provide economic opportunities to Farm like KLD, but, also, allow organizations like Second Harvest to give back to the community.

KLD Farms is a local farm that that supplies Middle Tennessee with free range and naturally fed local beef. It is a family operation; father, daughter, and son-in-law run the whole farm. At 80 years old, handling the everyday tasks of a farm can be difficult for Ken, so he is thankful for the help from his family. The last two years have been difficult for the farm, though. From June to August 2022, Middle Tennessee was in a drought, so the pasture dried up, and there was no hay. Ken just couldn’t feed his cattle. Not only that, Ken also had to get to rid of his horses, which were a fundamental part of herding his livestock. Ken says, “The impact from a drought is major to small time farms.” This year, summer storms have wrecked havoc on KLD Farms. Trees across their property have fallen, which destroyed fencing. This fundamental part of a farm can be expensive to repair, and must be done immediately as to not lose any cattle. After multiple repairs, though, it was getting extremely costly to keep up with repairs. 

“It was a rough time, but thanks to y’alls help I’m gonna build the herd back up.”

That is why the LFPA Grant is so important for people like Ken, and his family. “We almost may not be able to keep the farm running without grants.” Ken says, “The amount of money that goes out up front is so much, and the amount that comes back is so small. It is amazing the help grants give.” Ken’s goal since last summer has been to build his herd back up, but it has been difficult. Since he is working with fewer cattle, he can’t sell as much as he use to. Thanks to help from the LFPA grant, though, he now has the extra money he needs to help rebuild his herd.

Ken was ecstatic to find out that his beef was going to support a local Partner Agency that provides food to children and families. “So may children don’t understand where their food comes from, food comes from farmers.” He says, “They get to learn a lot through this grant.” The LFPA Grant helps support farmers in Middle Tennessee, feed our neighbors in need, and, also, teach people about where their food comes from.

The LFPA Grant help Second Harvest take massive strides to fight hunger and advance hunger solutions, but we still need your help. Donate today to support your neighbors in need across Middle and West Tennessee

Chaque dollar que vous donnez aide à fournir au moins 4 repas à des familles dans le besoin grâce à Second Harvest.

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