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Jackson Takes Action to End Senior Hunger

This Hunger Action Month, Jackson is committed to fighting senior hunger.

senior hungerJackson National Life Insurance Company is celebrating Hunger Action Month by taking action against senior hunger.

As the largest generation in American history continues to age, the number of seniors who are in need of food assistance will continue to grow.

Many seniors we serve live on fixed incomes and are often forced to choose between paying for groceries or paying for medical care.

Jackson believes that no person should have to make that choice, so they’re continuing to support our Senior Nutrition Program.

Jackson VolunteersOur Senior Nutrition Program provides food-insecure seniors with a monthly food box. Each box is packed with 15-20 senior-appropriate food items that have been selected by our Registered Dietician.

This September, Jackson has ensured that more than 70 seniors will receive a food box for an entire year. For low-mobility seniors with health issues, these boxes are vital in ensuring they receive the nutrition they need.

Jackson’s commitment to ending hunger isn’t limited to seniors though. Later this month, Jackson employees will donate their time and energy to fill BackPacks for hungry children.

1 in 5 children face hunger in our community. Our BackPack Program provides easy-to-prepare food for at-risk children to take home on weekends when other resources are not available.

Thank you to Jackson for taking action and providing essential food for some of Middle and West Tennessees most vulnerable populations.

If you want to fight childhood and senior hunger with Jackson, join them in taking action this September. 


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