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Farm Bureau Health Plans Takes Action this September

Farm Bureau Health Plans celebrate Hunger Action Month by hosting a Mobile Pantry.

Farm Bureau Health Plans VolunteersEveryone knows the feeling of an empty stomach. In Middle and West Tennessee, 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger and face that empty feeling on a regular basis.

Farm Bureau Health Plans wants to make sure that no one in our community runs on empty, so they’ve partnered with us to celebrate Hunger Action Month this September.

Hunger Action Month is a time when food banks across the country come together to bring awareness and urge their communities to take action in the fight against hunger.

Farm Bureau Health Plans Mobile Pantry

As one of our hunger-fighting partners, Farm Bureau Health Plans has already provided 230,000 meals for our neighbors in need. This Hunger Action Month, they’ll continue their fight by hosting a Garde-manger mobile.

Mobile Pantries are large-scale, one day distributions that bring nutritious food straight to those in need. A typical Mobile Pantry provides one to two weeks of groceries to approximately 250 families.

Not only do Farm Bureau Health Plans employees donate their time and energy to run these Mobile Pantries, but they also come to our warehouse to sort items from our grocery rescue program.

Partners like Farm Bureau Health Plans ensure that we can fulfill our mission to fight hunger in our community, and we are grateful to have their support this September!

Join Farm Bureau Health Plans in celebrating Hunger Action Month. Take action to end hunger today!


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