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Employee Spotlight: Meet Marian

As Director of Donor Relationships and Planned Giving, Marian Eidson cultivates and stewards Second Harvest donors. Her work helps to ensure that our Feeding Programs have the funding they need to continue providing food assistance to those at risk of hunger in Middle and West Tennessee.

Depuis combien de temps travaillez-vous pour Second Harvest, quel est votre rôle et décrivez-vous une journée type ?

I have been working at Second Harvest for almost ten years.  My role is to work with a group of individual donors – engaging them in our mission and drawing on their passion and interests to make a difference in the lives of those who are food insecure. I seek to educate and involve our donors further so they will understand the need and support the food bank’s mission through gifts of their time, talent, and treasure. 

There really isn’t a typical day. I may be meeting with donors face-to-face to provide updates and ask for a gift, or I might be meeting with my Individual Giving Team to discuss future strategy. A large part of my role is keeping the donors in my portfolio updated on how Second Harvest is putting their generosity into action. 

Qu'est-ce qui vous plaît le plus dans le fait de travailler pour une organisation locale de lutte contre la faim ?

I most enjoy interacting with our donors, specifically in person, to discuss our work and to ask for their assistance to sustain our mission.  My favorite place to meet is in a donor’s home because it demonstrates the donor’s trust to invite me there.

Quel est l'un de vos meilleurs souvenirs de travail à la banque alimentaire ?

I loved when our entire organization came together to execute the Holiday Mobile Pantry in December 2020. There was such a wonderful spirit present as we worked together outside on a beautiful day to accomplish the same goal of providing food for those facing hunger. It was also great to see everyone since we had not been able to be together in person for quite a long time due to the pandemic.

Quand vous ne travaillez pas, qu'aimez-vous faire pendant votre temps libre ?

I enjoy walking in my neighborhood, cooking, reading, growing and arranging flowers, and being with family and friends.

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