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Chanel est ravie de retourner à l'école

Chanel is an 8-year-old rising fourth grader at Purpose Preparatory Academy in Nashville. From her experience trying to do schoolwork on an empty stomach, Chanel knows the importance of eating enough healthy food to power her brain.

“If I haven’t eaten all day – haven’t eaten breakfast or anything – and I am doing my homework, I won’t be able to focus,” she shares.

And it takes a lot of focus to learn about what she loves most. “My favorite subject is math. It’s fun to do division, subtraction, and addition.” 

This spunky math whiz and her mom are really looking forward to school starting back. In the fall, Chanel can once again enjoy school meals and attend her afterschool program, a Second Harvest At-Risk Afterschool Meal site at Madison Community Center.

The extra cost of providing 10 additional meals per week in the summer, combined with the expense of going back to school in the fall, puts a major dent in a lot of families’ grocery budgets.

At the afterschool program, Chanel eats healthy snacks plus full, balanced meals.

“I really like it there,” Chanel says, referring to Madison Community Center. “I have met a lot of new friends. I play basketball and do my homework. It’s really cool.”

Thank you for giving so generously to ensure kids like Chanel have access to nutritious food every day of the week. Your support is promising a bright future for Middle and West Tennessee kids, and our entire community.

Chaque dollar que vous donnez aide à fournir au moins 4 repas à des familles dans le besoin grâce à Second Harvest.

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