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Can Food Banks Celebrate Diversity?

In April, people come together for Celebrate Diversity Month, an annual observance dedicated to acknowledging and honoring the vibrant diversity that enriches communities everywhere. In Middle and West Tennessee, diverse cultures and backgrounds define our community. At Second Harvest, we embrace this diversity and actively support initiatives to celebrate and uplift it. 

Food is one of the primary ways people celebrate and practice their cultures. A meal can be a lens into a community’s traditions, history, and values, fostering connection and understanding among individuals. A meal can also provide a taste of familiarity and comfort in unfamiliar surroundings. Providing nutritious foods to those in need is our primary goal at Second Harvest, and offering culturally relevant foods to underserved communities is an important part of that goal. 

Recently, Second Harvest introduced Culturally Relevant Food Boxes which are packed with foods designed specifically for diverse populations in our Service Area. For example, our box designed for Hispanic communities includes items such as masa, which is a healthy pantry staple that some families can’t go without. A Culturally Relevant Food Box from Second Harvest does more than provide food, it is a welcoming gesture to those facing food insecurity. It tells those in need that we are here to help.  

At Second Harvest, diversity isn’t just a concept; it’s built into our mission and shapes our identity. We recognize the profound role that food plays in celebrating and preserving cultural heritage. Through initiatives like our Culturally Relevant Food Boxes, we strive not only to provide nourishment but also to honor the traditions and preferences of the communities we serve.  As we continue combating food insecurity, let us also celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger together. 

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