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Ms. Cheap’s Penny Drive Tops 1,000,000 Meals!

Ms. Cheap has once again turned spare change and stray bills into thousands of meals for our neighbors in need. We are excited to share that this year’s penny drive has raised a total of $69,084.63!

Mary and Alvin
Ms. Cheap weighs a water jug full of change!

That equates to more than 276,339 meals to help feed hungry children, families and seniors in Middle Tennessee. This was the seventh year Ms. Cheap has hosted the drive and since it’s start, the penny drive has raised more than 1 million meals!

“That’s a lot of pennies and meals. It’s also a lot of good, generous people coming together for a worthy cause,” says Ms. Cheap in her recent column for The Tennessean

Each year, we are blown away by the community’s participation. A few examples Ms. Cheap shares:

      • BGA Middle School raises $498.75
      • Nashville dentist Dr. Bob Elam, challenged his hygienists to collect for the Penny Drive raising $649.99
      • Kroger’s generous customers contributed an estimated $15,000 at registers and collection boxes all over Middle Tennessee


Ms. Cheap with Second Harvest President CEO, Jaynee Day and Mike Kelly at Jimmy Kelly’s Steak Out for Second Harvest

It’s truly incredible to see all these different pockets of the community come together to do whatever they can to contribute to the cause. And to see that every dollar–or penny–can truly make a difference.

We are especially thankful for our penny drive partners, Avenue Bank and Wilson Bank & Trust for collecting and distributing cans and depositing donations, and Jimmy Kelly’s restaurant for hosting the Steak Out for Hunger event and donating all proceeds. And thank you especially to Ms. Cheap and The Tennessean, for spearheading the drive and being a vital voice supporting our mission.

Thank you to all of the individuals, businesses, schools and churches that participated for your donations and continuous support! We hope you will join the penny drive when it picks up again in November. You can read Ms. Cheap’s full article about the penny drive in a recent Tennessean article here.

Chaque dollar que vous donnez aide à fournir au moins 4 repas à des familles dans le besoin grâce à Second Harvest.

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