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Fighting Hunger with Purity Dairies for 40 Years

For four decades, we’ve been lucky to have Purity Dairies by our side in the fight against hunger.

Purity Dairies

Second Harvest began its mission to feed hungry people and to solve hunger issues in our community back in 1978, and Purity Dairies has been a generous partner from the start.

“It’s been a really natural partnership, and it’s been us who have been blessed,” said Mark Ezell, a former General Manager of Purity Dairies, and grandson of Purity founder, Miles Ezell. Mark also served on the Second Harvest Board of Trustees for six years.

Mark’s family owned Purity Dairies until 1998, and Mark worked there for an additional 20 years under the new ownership of Dean Foods. He retired this year, but he said he’s grateful that Dean Foods continues the partnership between Purity and Second Harvest.

“We really trust the Food Bank.”

The company’s generosity has made a big difference to Second Harvest over the years. Purity made it possible for Second Harvest to obtain a refrigerated truck and also made their refrigerated trucks available when there were large donations of food that needed to be picked up.

And, most significantly, Purity donates dairy products when there’s a surplus or when products have been mismarked.

“Helping Second Harvest provide food to those who can’t obtain it…what a worthy cause for Purity Dairies to be involved in,” Mark said.

Mark mentioned Purity feels good about the fact that Second Harvest has not only provided vital resources to the local community, but has also served as a regional and national leader for other hunger-relief organizations.

“We really trust the Food Bank, and that they will really deliver on their mission,” he said.

Second Harvest couldn’t reach as many people in need without the substantial generosity of community partners like Purity Dairies and Dean Foods. We’re so grateful!


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