Farmer & Grower Info

We are inspired by the resurgence of small farmers in Middle and West Tennessee, and have designed this initiative to benefit our local farmers while increasing the production and consumption of local, sustainable food in our community.

How it Works

  • Second Harvest works with farmers to grow crops
  • Second Harvest coordinates projects for volunteers on surrounding participating farms
  • Second Harvest purchases unmarketable produce
  • Second Harvest partner hunger relief agencies receive produce donations to distribute to those in need

Program Benefits

  • Greater awareness and appreciation of local agriculture
  • Ensuring all crops are fully harvested and distributed
  • Ensuring access to nutritious, local food to all
  • Recouping costs on unmarketable crops
  • Increased production

Growing community of supporters

All fruit and vegetable farmers in the 46 counties that we serve are invited to participate in this unique program. Details will be developed on an individual basis. To learn more about Second Harvest’s Farm to Families programs, please contact us at (615) 329-3491 or message us.

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