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Why Does Second Harvest Care About High Blood Pressure?

At Second Harvest Food Bank, we recognize the critical intersection between food insecurity and health. Many of our neighbors who face challenges in accessing sufficient food are also struggling to manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure. This is often due to a reliance on inexpensive, readily available foods that are typically high in saturated fats and sodium. Such dietary choices, while economical, do not support a healthy lifestyle and can exacerbate health issues.

Understanding these challenges, Second Harvest Food Bank is committed to not only providing food but ensuring that it supports the health and well-being of our community. We have developed strategic partnerships with other non-profits to widen our impact and reach more individuals in need. Our collaborative efforts are focused on sourcing nutritious food options that are essential for maintaining a healthy diet. These efforts have resulted in results such as heart healthy food boxes, which are full of low sodium options for our neighbors in need.

Moreover, Second Harvest has invested in on-staff Registered Dietitians who provide invaluable nutrition education. This initiative helps our neighbors understand their dietary needs and how to meet them even with limited resources. Education is key in empowering individuals to make healthier food choices that can aid in managing blood pressure and improving overall health.

Our mission extends beyond mere food distribution. We strive to ensure that everyone has the necessary resources to care for their health and thrive. Through our comprehensive approach combining partnership, education, and thoughtful food sourcing, Second Harvest Food Bank is a pivotal force in fighting food insecurity and promoting health in our community.

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