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How is Second Harvest Celebrating Veterans Day?

This Veterans Day let’s take time to celebrate our brave military veterans. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, we’re proud to honor these amazing heroes and share inspiring stories of veterans who continue to serve their community in unique ways. 

Meet Nick, a dedicated beekeeper and veteran in Tennessee, who transitioned from mastering beekeeping as a teenager to serving in the military as a preventive medicine specialist. He highlights the role bees play in agriculture and their surprising contributions to medicine by sharing the healing properties of honey on wounds. 

Discover the Healing Journey of Beekeeping for Veterans like Nick 

Nick’s journey as a beekeeper began with learning the art as a teenager and carried through to his time serving in the military. His role as a preventive medicine specialist in the military exposed him to the critical importance of bees, not just in agriculture but also in medicine, witnessing honey’s healing power on wounds.  

Beekeeping became therapeutic for Nick, especially through the program Hives for Heroes. Lana, Nick’s business partner, and wife, echoes the impact beekeeping has on Nick’s well-being, especially amidst life’s pressures. They’ve turned their backyard into a sanctuary that provides more than just honey; it offers moments of reflection crucial to mental health. 

Perfectly Timed Support 

With the support of the LFPA Grant, Second Harvest has distributed Nick and Lana’s Tennessee-produced honey to local communities that typically lack access to fresh agricultural products. This grant came during one of the most challenging seasons for beekeepers in Tennessee in decades, so it enabled them to concentrate on their bees and bolster the sustainability of their operations. 

Fighting Hunger  

For Nick and Lana, beekeeping is more than just a pastime – beekeeping is a vehicle for community involvement and a way to tackle food insecurity. They’ve witnessed the profound effect that sharing their honey has, touching lives in their neighborhood. 

Nick’s experiences with the military shed light on the stark reality of food scarcity. These insights drive their commitment to address food insecurity, upholding the belief that access to high-quality, locally sourced food is a fundamental right, not a luxury. Lana adds that regardless of one’s financial status, everyone deserves access to nutritious and locally produced food. 

On this Veterans Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate not only the bravery of our veterans but also the profound ways in which they continue to enrich our communities. Through the work of individuals like Nick and organizations like Second Harvest, we’re reminded of the interconnectedness of our actions, our food systems, and the well-being of all members of our society.  

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