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Three Decades Feeding Nashville

Since its inception in 1992, Kids Cafes have offered meals to children battling hunger through various community initiatives during the academic year and over the summer. Ron Sapino, a steadfast figure in this mission, has been a key part of the program almost from the start. Ron’s story is one of dedication and heartfelt service, particularly through his work with the local Kids Cafe program at the Martha O’Bryan Center. 

The Driving Force Behind the Renaissance Hotel’s Charitable Works 

As the Director of Services, Ron Sapino oversees the operations at the Renaissance Hotel. But his role extends beyond the daily logistics; he’s also at the helm of a vital community service effort. Twice a month for the past 30 years, Ron has been responsible for collecting surplus food prepared by the hotel’s chefs and delivering it to the Martha O’Bryan Center in East Nashville. This food helps provide nutritious, hot meals to children in need, demonstrating a consistent commitment to fighting food insecurity in Davidson County. 

A Legacy of Service and Celebration 

Ron’s long-standing commitment was recently honored at a special event at the Martha O’Bryan Center commemorating his 30 years of service. The event not only highlighted his unwavering dedication but also featured expansions to the program he helped nurture. These include holiday parties hosted at the hotel complete with food, games, and entertainment, ensuring the children not only have their basic needs met but also enjoy festive celebrations. 

Celebrating Three Decades of Making a Difference 

Ron’s approach to community service is modest; he insists that the recognition is not what drives him. However, his dedication to ensuring that the children of Nashville receive consistent, loving support speaks volumes of his character and the values of the community partnership in the fight against hunger. 

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