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Rhonda y Cindy crían a tres nietos con tu ayuda

Rhonda and Cindy are remarkable women who have formed a non-traditional support system for their grandchildren. The women are former in-laws and have been raising their shared grandkids (ages 6, 8, and 12) under the same roof in Pulaski for the past four years.

Each of these amazing grandmothers stepped up in a huge way to put the children first.

Rhonda and Cindy both live on limited fixed incomes, and the financial strain of feeding three children while keeping up with bills is difficult both physically and emotionally.

“We do what we can,” says Rhonda. “It’s rough at our house right now.”

Inflation and the rising cost of living are limiting what Rhonda and Cindy can afford. The back-to-school season makes it even harder with young children at home.

But thanks to generosity from friends like you, Second Harvest’s drive-through Mobile Pantry at the Temple of Praise in Pulaski helps Rhonda and Cindy access healthy food for their family.

“You are a godsend,” Rhonda says about your donations to Second Harvest. “Keep it up, because there are grandmas out there like us that don’t have any other place to go.” 

At food distribution sites like this one, Second Harvest provides fresh produce, dairy, protein, and healthy snacks. This nutritional resource is essential so kids going back to school have the balanced meals they need to learn and thrive.  “Thanks to all who are giving what they can to help us and other families just trying to get by,” says Cindy.

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