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Retired Chef Grateful for Fresh, Healthy Options at Mobile Food Pantries

When we met Lanier at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Nashville, he was checking the nutrition facts on a box while pushing his cart filled with fresh vegetables. Since he was diagnosed with diabetes, he’s been careful about what he eats.

But with just a monthly Social Security check to depend on, affording nutritious groceries is often difficult. That’s why the Second Harvest Despensa móvil that sets up outside the church is so important to Lanier — it means he’s able to maintain a healthy diet.

Corn, turnips…even kale

Lanier used to work as a chef, so he’s especially appreciative of the variety of fresh food at the Mobile Pantry. He was excited to pick up kale, corn, turnips and bananas — his favorite — on a recent visit.

Your support of the Mobile Pantry is bolstering Lanier’s health as he ages. He has neuropathy in his legs and has a hard time getting around. But because you choose to give, he can fill his table with balanced meals. This holiday season, he’s giving thanks for friends like you.

“Thank you!” he says with enthusiasm. “I appreciate it. Every little bit helps — and this is more than a little bit.”

Many seniors need help making ends meet

Lanier knows many seniors in his community depend on the Mobile Pantry distributions to make ends meet and shares his gratitude on their behalf.

The work you help make possible truly changes lives. When you take part in this special season of sharing, you can reach even more seniors, children and families with the healthy food they need to thrive. Thank you for your generous partnership!


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