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Project Reflect & Goodall Homes Celebrate a Hunger Free Summer

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.04.21 PM
A Goodall Homes volunteer helps children from Project Reflect plant seeds

On Friday, June 17, Second Harvest kicked off its Verano sin hambre campaign to provide 4 million meals with an event at the Food Bank in partnership with Project Reflect, one of Second Harvest’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites and Goodall Homes, the official Verano sin hambre sponsor.

Children participate in a nutrition lesson to make their own salsa

Children from Project Reflect participated in activities with Goodall Homes volunteers, including a seed planting with Second Harvest’s Farm to Families Program Coordinator, and a nutrition cooking lesson, preparing salsa with Second Harvest’s Registered Dietician and Nutrition Manager. 

Following the activities, the volunteers from Goodall Homes served the children a fresh, nutritious taco bar lunch prepared onsite by Second Harvest’s food manufacturing team in our USDA-inspected facility.

“[Our PREP Summer School students] learned more about healthy eating, they made their own planters with the vegetable or fruit of their choice, they made their own salsa, and the visit was topped off with a nutritious taco meal! It was fabulous! We are extremely grateful for our wonderful collaboration with Second Harvest.” – Allison Driver, Executive Director at Project Reflect

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.03.28 PM
Taco Bar Lunch Buffet

The event helped kick off Second Harvest’s effort to provide 4 million summer meals for children and their families to help make this a Verano sin hambre for all. Summertime means thousands of children no longer have access to school meals, and parents are left struggling to provide. In fact, 1 in 5 children, 21.9 percent, in Second Harvest’s 46-county service area are food insecure, totaling 141,710 children. Food insecurity is defined by the USDA as limited or uncertain access to enough food to support a healthy life. Although food insecurity is harmful to an individual, it can be particularly devastating among children due to their increased vulnerability and the potential for long-term consequences.

One of the ways Second Harvest is addressing childhood hunger is through the sponsorship of 31 Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites across its 46-county service area that serve meals to children throughout the summer months. In addition to food, many sites provide educational enrichment and recreational activities, similar to the activities like the ones with Goodall Homes and Project Reflect, that help children continue to learn and stay safe and active while school is not in session. For more information on our SFSP sites, click here.

Goodall Homes employees present check at Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Front left to right: Keith Porterfield, Goodall Homes Chief Financial Officer; Melinda Judd, Second Harvest Corporate Engagement Director; Rachael Overall, Goodall Homes Director of Marketing; Todd Reynolds, Goodall Homes Vice President of Sales

Earlier this month, Goodall Homes employees presented a $25,000 check in support of the Hunger Free Summer campaign. The donation will provide 100,000 meals. We are extremely grateful for the continued support of Goodall Homes!

Join Goodall Homes and help make this a Verano sin hambre, click here to donate now!

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