March is Nutrition Month!

You can help by exploring the link between hunger and health

Fresh Produce

Did you know that people dealing with food insecurity are at a higher risk for long-term health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure? Because of this link, Second Harvest observes Mes de la Nutrición each March to show the important relationship between hunger and health.


When an individual or family becomes food insecure, they cope by purchasing food that is low cost and often of low nutritional value. Combine this with the long-term stress that comes from strained finances, and it can lead to chronic disease.

The expense of managing a chronic disease further drains their resources and can even affect their employment opportunities. Now more than ever they need healthy, nourishing food but can’t afford it because of mounting medical costs.

They manage by purchasing inexpensive, low quality meals, and the cycle starts over again.

Throughout March, our goal is to bring attention to the cycle of food insecurity and chronic disease while bringing more nutritious food into the community through our programs and partnerships.


For the eighth year in a row, Second Harvest is partnering with Lifepoint Health for Nutrition Month. We both believe that it’s not enough to simply feed our community. We want to offer nourishing food that fills stomachs today and creates healthier communities tomorrow.

Since 2017, LifePoint has donated funds, time, and food in an effort to increase access to healthy food for over 353,000 Middle Tennesseans struggling with hunger. Lifepoint has funded the purchase of over 3 million pounds of produce – providing a weeks-worth of groceries for more than 24,000 Tennesseans facing hunger – and been instrumental in Second Harvest’s efforts to provide food boxes designed to mitigate chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension

We are grateful for their partnership and dedication to making communities healthier in Middle Tennessee!

Expand your nutrition knowledge

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