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Jackson Takes Action Against Food Insecurity

“I am lucky I have my health, but I think that’s because I try to eat right,” said Lloyd, 68, a Second Harvest Food Bank client.

Lloyd, like many senior citizens in Middle and Western Tennessee, lives on a fixed income – forced to make the tough choice between paying for groceries or paying for medical bills.

“It’s about variety and keeping an open mind about what you eat,” he said. “That can be hard when you don’t have much budget, but I try to make it work.”

Jackson National Life Insurance Company believes that no person should have to make those tough choices, which is why they are continuing to support the Senior Nutrition Program, serving 288 seniors each month. 

Our Senior Nutrition Program provides food-insecure seniors with a monthly food box. Each box is packed with 15-20 senior-appropriate food items that have been selected by our Registered Dietician.

In addition to funding recent Mobile Food Pantries in Williamson County and a generous donation towards Second Harvest’s COVID-19 relief efforts, Jackson employees have donated more than 1,000 hours of volunteer time to help end hunger in our community since the beginning of their partnership with the Food Bank.

Thank you to Jackson for taking action and providing essential food for some of Middle and West Tennessee’s most vulnerable populations.

Join Jackson in taking action during Hunger Action Month!

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