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How a Mobile Pantry Makes a Difference

Brenton is feeling the pinch.

He and his wife live with their 3-year old daughter. And despite having two incomes, they can barely pay their bills and keep their family fed.

Brenton earns a decent wage as an accounts payable clerk. Combined with his wife’s part-time job, they make a little too much to qualify for much government help … but not enough to keep up with regular expenses.

“Daycare is really expensive,” Brenton says, noting that it can cost up to $350 per week. So, they take turns working to try to keep daycare costs more
manageable. His wife stays home with their little girl while Brenton works, and vice versa. What makes things worse is that their rent has gone up several hundred dollars in the last couple of years.

So has the cost of gas and groceries. Brenton has
even taken side jobs to try to make it work.

“It’s just hard making ends meet,” he says.

That’s why Brenton and his family are so thankful for Second Harvest’s Mobile Pantry program. Brenton and his wife regularly pick up food from a Second Harvest Mobile Pantry at Good Shepherd Methodist Church in Sumner County. A typical Mobile Pantry visit provides a family with several days of groceries. More than 138,000 individuals received assistance through this program last year.

Thank you for making a way for families like Brenton’s to supplement their food supply.

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