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La comida saludable está sobre la mesa en el condado de Overton

With inflation at an all-time high, many people can no longer afford even the basic necessities.

These are especially difficult days for Dale, who lost his job during the pandemic and is still struggling to recover.

“I used to work at a pallet mill and then I went to work at a cabinet shop after that,” Dale says.

To get by, Dale cut back completely on buying things for himself, including clothing and other personal items, instead focusing all of his funds on his children, the youngest of whom is just 7.

When he needs extra help to put healthy food on the table, Dale visits Five Loaves Mobile Food Pantry in Crawford which serves hundreds of families. It’s a huge relief to know his children can receive the food they need during this challenging time.

“It helps quite a bit,” he says. “Especially when you are low on money and can’t afford much.”

Dale is grateful for support from friends like you who care about the needs of others.

“Your donation is well appreciated, and the community thanks you,” he says. By partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, you’re sharing food and hope with people who are facing hunger this holiday season!

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