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You Enable Older Adults to Give Back

Charles Phipps - Una Church of Christ (5)Charles is an author, musician and vocal advocate for those living in poverty. In recent years, he’s published an autobiography and released an album of gospel songs — both with the goal of touching the hearts of those who are hungry and homeless in Nashville and beyond.

As a former member of the local homeless community, Charles, who’s gone by “Chaplain Charles” since his days as a missionary in Amsterdam, knows what many of our neighbors in need are going through. In fact, even today with a stable place to live, he still finds it difficult to afford basic necessities, including food.

Chaplain Charles says that the reason he struggles is pretty straightforward. After an accidental fall that left him disabled, his only option is to try and get by on a fixed income, which means he’s often at risk of going hungry if the money runs out before the end of the month.

That’s why Charles has begun visiting the Mobile Pantry at Una Church of Christ in Nashville as he recovers from his injury. Through this Second Harvest Partner Agency, he receives fruits, vegetables, yogurt and other vitamin-rich items he uses to make healthy meals.

“Thank you a lot,” Charles says, grateful for your generosity. “I couldn’t get by if I didn’t come here.”

Always one looking to give back, Chaplain Charles says he has big plans to help alleviate hunger in Middle Tennessee. One of these involves creating a food pantry that helps homeless families and individuals gain access to food. In the mean time, he volunteers his time at an existing pantry near his home.

All across our 46-county service area, neighbors like Chaplain Charles rely on the kindness of friends like you to help them access vital meals. Because of this, Charles can continue to share his talents with those he knows are facing challenges even greater than his own.

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