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Dorothy Pays It Forward

“This food means a lot because a lot of us don’t have money to make ends meet throughout the month,” says Dorothy, 64, a former healthcare worker and a resident of Smith County for 30 years. She now lives with her son and works at a local retailer a few days a week to help cover monthly costs. Even then, she doesn’t always make enough to afford the groceries she needs.

“This really helps because they give out good food. Some of this you can’t even buy at the store because it’s so expensive,” Dorothy says of the Second Harvest food distributions she’s attended.

Dorothy has been coming to the Living Waters Ministries Despensa móvil for the past three years and is so grateful for the support and kindness she’s found there. In fact, Dorothy has served as a volunteer at many distributions as a way to give back the good will she’s received.

“This is what we do in Smith County. Everybody loves everybody. We all get along and we all help each other where we can and when we can. That’s one of the reasons I love this town,” Dorothy says.

The support Dorothy describes is only available because of strong partners like you. We are grateful for the way you continually show up for people like Dorothy who just need a little help to get by.

To you, Dorothy says, “Thank you for helping me and this community. Thank you for being here for us.”

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