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Discovery Place: “The work is going to a great cause”

Discovery Place is one of our most consistent volunteer groups, but they’re also one of the most unique.     

Located about 35 miles from our Nashville distribution center, Discovery Place is an addiction recovery program for men.

“Being in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction comes with learning how to be of service to our fellow humans, Mark Walker Long Term Recovery Guide at Discovery Place said.

Every other week, a group of about 15 men in their Long-Term Recovery Program come to volunteer in our warehouse.

The members of the group change from time to time, but as a unit Discovery Place has logged 3,000 hours since they started volunteering with us in 2012!


Whether it’s sorting dry food, moving pallets, or packing boxes in the cooler, Discovery Place volunteers have done just about every possible project available. No matter the task or how big their group is, they give their all. 

“Even on days when their crew is sparse, the guys have a way of bringing the energy of a group two to three times their size,” Nora McDonald, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, said.

“I always look forward to the days I know Discovery Place is coming to the food bank because I know that it will not only be a very productive shift, but it will be a great time as well.”

The men in the LTR Program stick to a strenuous schedule, but their few hours inside our warehouse are a time for fun, some physical activity, and the chance to make a difference for those in need.

“Doing a job well done comes with the benefit of knowing that the work is going to a great cause in the fight against hunger,” Mark said.

“Second Harvest is an integral part of my own recovery and also has had such a profound effect on hundreds of men that have come through our program.”

We feel lucky to work with a group of men who are focused not only on changing themselves for the better but also their community.

Join Discovery Place in making a positive impact on our community, and sign up for a volunteer shift today!

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