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Best Friends Dorothy and Cordelia Give Thanks

Retired educators Dorothy and Cordelia are neighbors in a senior living center. Both women retired from the school system several decades ago. Dorothy worked at Metro Nashville Public Schools for 30 years, and Cordelia taught preschool for 45 years.

The two friends are incredible examples of people who gave back to their community their entire lives. Unfortunately, the Social Security benefits Dorothy and Cordelia receive aren’t enough to cover all their living expenses.

“Everything is so expensive,” Dorothy says. “Food is expensive.”

Through word of mouth, Dorothy and Cordelia learned about the Mobile Pantry run by Second Harvest Partner Agency One Gen Away at Maplewood High School in Nashville. Both friends are so happy to have a source of nutritious food to make ends meet each month – food like fresh produce, milk, eggs, and dry goods.

To donors like you who make this resource available for neighbors facing hunger, Cordelia says, “Thank you for keeping us in your heart!”

Dorothy adds, “This is a big help. I’d like to thank everybody who had anything to do with this.”

Thank you for serving children, families, and seniors at risk of missing meals. As our community navigates the skyrocketing cost of living, your support does so much good for so many.

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