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A Hunger Free Summer for Landon!

Landon is counting the days until he gets to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s only 8 now, but he already understands that good nutrition is an important part of making his dream come true.

Thanks to support from friends like you, Landon and other children in his neighborhood can count on receiving healthy meals from the West Nashville Dream Center through our Programa de servicio de alimentos de verano.

The Dream Center is one of the many partners Second Harvest work with throughout Middle and West Tennessee this summer to bridge the gap for children like Landon who are at risk of hunger.

“Some days I come here, and I eat my food so fast,” he says. “Those days I must be really hungry.”

This will be a long, hard summer for families who are struggling to afford food, including many who are still recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic.

Ongoing support from caring donors is an important investment in the health and futures of young lives with so much potential. Thank you for making the difference between hunger and health for kids like Landon today and all summer long.

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