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Countless older adults like Michael are giving thanks for you right now

“Expenses seem to always go up during this time of year,” Michael explains. “But it’s not like you have more money to spend.”

Like many seniors, he relies on a fixed income. That means when the temperature drops and utility bills go up, his monthly budget becomes more strict.

This is a real problem. Michael already faces a number of health difficulties. He was injured at his old security job, has suffered multiple heart attacks, and underwent back surgery. Good nutrition is vital to his well-being.

“I’m supposed to eat healthy food, but have you seen how expensive some of that good-for-you food is?” Michael says.

Fortunately, Michael learned about Second Harvest’s Mobile Pantries. One of our trucks delivers a variety of groceries to the Family Center at Maury Hills Church in Columbia. The pantry has certainly bolstered his positive attitude.

“It’s easy to get down on yourself and your situation … but then you come to something like this, and you can’t help but feel good,” he says. Good things are happening here. The food here is so good! I think because it is given with a lot of love.”

Your support has made a significant difference in Michael’s life — and helps share hope with other people who are struggling in the wake of the pandemic. 

Michael shares his gratitude on behalf of everyone who’s having a hard time affording groceries right now.

“You are appreciated,” he says. “Lots of people here will be praying for you around their tables — including mine. Thank you.”

Join Second Harvest in ensuring that our neighbors in need – including seniors like Michael – have access to the food they need.

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