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Camden Church members make service a priority

Their ages range from 8 years old to 69, but every Camden Church of Christ volunteer shows up ready to laugh together, work together, and make a difference in their community. 

When one church member suggested members give their time helping at Second Harvest’s Ray Smith Family Distribution Center, it didn’t take long for a group to form with volunteers ready to do their part. The group has been showing up every Monday now for more than six months. 

“This is great work, the best work,” says Gail Townsend, one of the faithful volunteers. “We work hard and feel like we are making a difference.” 

By now, the group knows exactly what to do, and they jump right into work sorting food at the warehouse. 

Michelle Ballard says this volunteer service gives her the opportunity to give back to her community. But it also gives her a chance to teach her grandson the importance of helping others in need. 

“This is something we can do after work and school,” Michelle says. “It’s been a really great experience for my grandson and me.” 

And the youngest volunteer of the group, Junah Smith, 8, says he has a couple of reasons to volunteer. 

“I just like helping people out,” he says. “Plus, this gets me out of doing my homework right away.” 

Michelle wants to encourage others in the community to consider giving their time — every little bit helps, she says. 

“I would suggest you go and give your time,” she says. “There’s nothing like that feeling.” 

Do you feel a need to serve? Sign up to volunteer and help those struggling with hunger.

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