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New Combo Routes Starting in July

Second Harvest is excited to announce that we will be transitioning to weekly combo routes in our Southern, Central, and Northern counties starting July 8. This will eliminate the separate rural and perishable routes and combine both AgencyLink orders and perishables into one stop each week.

Perishables will remain free, but orders now have a reduced freight fee of $0.06/pound (maximum of $65). Trucks will continue to visit our standard delivery towns at a recurring day/time/location, just on a weekly basis! We hope this will provide increased food access to agencies and clients alike.

Additional highlights include:

  • 15,000 pounds maximum per AgencyLink order will be strictly enforced. (You can always split the order across weeks.)
  • AgencyLink will still show the next two available dates for each town.
  • Partner Agencies without an AgencyLink order may still visit the truck for perishable items at no cost. Each truck will include as much perishable product as is available and will fit on the truck.
  • We will no longer run monthly perishable trucks but will have perishable product available in smaller quantities each week as space and availability allow.

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