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Parents Can Feed Their Children, Thanks to You

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.42.34 PMKeith, an employee at a local big-box store, and his wife Arlene, a retired Army veteran, are raising two children together — Kahri, 4, and Kizia, 12. While school is out, they worry they will not have enough food for their kids.

After 23 years of military service, Arlene is disabled and living on a fixed income. Though Keith’s job helps them cover most of their expenses, an unexpected illness has put him out of work. With less money to buy groceries over the next few months, their family has run out of options.

Right now, medical bills are eating up their budget. For just one of the weeks Keith was in the hospital, the family received a bill for nearly $190,000!

When the children are in school, the free breakfasts and lunches they receive in the cafeteria bring some relief. But during the summer, since these meals won’t be available, Keith and Arlene will have to find a way to replace them.

Thankfully, they found help at the Veterans Administration when Arlene’s caseworker referred her to the Salvation Army in Nashville, the closest Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee Partner Agency to their home.

“If we didn’t have this to fall back on, I don’t know what we would do,” Keith says.

With time, Keith and Arlene know they will be able to pay down their medical bills. But until that happens, neither of them can thank you enough for the help you’re providing their family this summer.

“May God bless you,” Arlene says. “We’re thankful for all the help and support.”

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