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Hungry Seniors Have Healthy Food, Thanks to You

Nancy Lou Spence - Macon Helps (3)Nancy is excited to be one of the many clients visiting the food distribution today at Macon Helps in Lafayette in Macon County. She saw several bunches of ripe bananas, and she can’t wait to take a few home, where she’ll use them to make fresh banana bread and other baked goods.

Nancy first heard about this Second Harvest partner food pantry through an ad on a local radio show. Today’s the first time she’s needed help from the food pantry in a few years. But right now, she doesn’t have much of a choice.

“Money’s tight,” she says, as she talks about how hard it’s been trying to make ends meet on a fixed income.

To save money, Nancy has had to become very savvy with her financial resources. To do this, she’s taken on a number of projects that stretch her food budget a little further, including her backyard garden and her new quilting business. But still, these aren’t enough, especially since Nancy isn’t only concerned about her own needs.

Nancy also helps care for her elderly mother, who is in remission after a tough battle with leukemia. Therefore, it is imperative that Nancy has enough food on hand every day to ensure her mother is receiving balanced nourishment to help keep her well. Fortunately, the variety of senior-friendly items Nancy is able to bring home supports a healthy lifestyle they both need, thanks to you.

Nancy’s situation is not unique. Because there are few other affordable living options available, many seniors have to care for family members while also trying to meet their own needs. It’s only through your generous gifts that these men and women are able to make their grocery budgets stretch until the end of the month.

As she prepares to go home with the wholesome groceries she’s received, Nancy wants you to know that she appreciates everything you do for her and her mother.

“I’m grateful you’re embracing the whole community and working together,” she says.

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